Indian Milling Wheat

Wheat is defined as a cultivated grass which is grown primarily for its nutritional grains. It grows anywhere between 2 and 4 feet. The scientific name of wheat is 'Gramineae' and belong to the genus 'Triticum'. We offer Wheat a “ Whole Grain “ is hygienically processed . Clients can obtain Wheat from us at competitive prices. Consequently, we are considered to be one of the most renowned suppliers based in India . The annual production of wheat in India stands at 65-75 million tonnes, thereby making India its second largest producer in the world after China. People in India consume 70-72 million tonnes of wheat on an average.

Specification of Indian Milling Wheat
Moisture 12% Max
Protein Dry Basis
11.5 % Min
Test weight
77 Min
Foreign Matter
2% Max
Falling Number 300 Min
Total Screening (through 1.65 mm sieve) 5% Max
Wet Gluten 26% Min